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What Forms of Renewable Energy Are Out There

Although the scare of Global Warming has calmed down in the past decade, reducing your carbon footprint is still as important now as ever. With smart phones, tablets and bigger and better games consoles paving the way for a new, technology heavy generation, it is important to think about where all our energy comes from and whether or not we can find an alternate way to generate that energy.

As a result of the technological age, we no longer print everything out in order to read it, we use far less paper and most things are accessible online. However there is an electrical cost for running this equipment and primarily we use coal or oil to fuel the technology we easily take for granted. Fossil fuels are a limited energy source and they will eventually run out, so it is important to start switching over to renewable forms of energy.

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World Energy Consumption and Production

World energy consumption has been on the rise worldwide as developing nations begin to industrialize and as consumers in developed nations buy more energy consuming appliances to make life more comfortable. If the current trends continue, we may face an energy shortage in future.

All the energy on earth is derived from the sun .However, it occurs in various forms that today, man has developed the technology to exploit and use for agricultural ,industrial and personal advancement. Energy used to power our lives can be divided into two types: Renewable and Non-renewable. Renewables are those sources that are continuously replenished by the action of the sun on the earth. They include wind, hydro-power,  solar, bio-fuels and geothermal. Non-renewables are usually fossil fuels whose supplies will one day run out. An exception is Nuclear power which, though a non-renewable, is not produced from a fossil fuel.

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Hydraulic Fracturing as a Method of Sourcing Natural Gas and Oil

Natural gas and oil offer a cleaner alternative to the traditional products the majority of the populations uses. Engineers and researchers alike are looking for more methods to source natural gas and oil to power nations for generations to come. One of these methods that they have been developing is hydraulic fracturing.

Hydraulic fracturing is the process of using fluid and other materials to create small fractures in a certain formation to stimulate production from new or existing oil and gas wells. Each oil and gas zone requires a different hydraulic fracturing design to match the condition of the formation. This is because all oil and gas zones are different.

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Save Big on Power

It can definitely be alarming at first to see the installation prices for home solar panels. The price of the installation and the equipment itself can be truly daunting, and homeowners may feel that having their own solar panels is far out of their reach.

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Top 5 Environmental Issues

Jun 09, 13 Top 5 Environmental Issues

Check out this video to see the op environmental issues facing our world.

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What’s so Great about Verengo Solar?

May 18, 13 What’s so Great about Verengo Solar?

Upon searching for solar panels, one will usually stumble upon Verengo Solar. Verengo Solar is one of the world’s most popular and proficient solar panel providers. With thousands of happy customers and testimonials, Verengo Solar is incredibly loved by their customers. Verengo Solar also provides a lot of unique benefits that other solar panel companies don’t offer. Some of the best benefits of service are:

They will give you free consultation on your solar purchases. Unlike many other solar panel companies, Verengo Solar provides absolutely free consultation. Many times people will be incredibly skeptical about purchasing solar equipment, therefore it really helps when Verengo Solar can give you professional advice.

They also offers a production guarantee for 20 years, which many other solar equipment providers do not do. You will also receive complete and full support, insurance, maintenance, and replacements in case something does happen to your solar equipment.

Company has been featured in many news programs as well. Very popular news programs even, like CNN, CNBC, and more. It just goes to show that they are incredibly reputable company. Hopefully this short article helped you in choosing whether or not to go with Verengo Solar.

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What Is “Electricity?”

Nov 06, 12 What Is “Electricity?”

What Is “Electricity?” In the most general sense, there is no true definition for the term. The word electricity is impossible to define correctly because it has far too many meanings, each of which contradict one another. This is a confusion that few people are actually aware of. That includes highly technically minded people like scientists,

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